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How Massage Therapy Can Help You Through Your Pregnancy

How Massage Therapy Can Help You Through Your Pregnancy

Therapeutic bodywork addresses the dramatic changes the female body experiences during pregnancy. Biweekly sessions during the first and second trimesters improve joint and muscle function, relieve mental stress and promote good circulation. Each week expectant mothers notice new changes in their bodies as baby grows and develops in utero. We recommend weekly sessions during the third trimester to help mom and baby prepare for labor and delivery.

Our Sarasota Clinic massage specialist use non-invasive techniques to relieve stress, leg cramps, tension, headaches, constipation, edema (swelling) and a wide range of other discomforts that commonly appear during pregnancy. Prenatal massage therapy is a gentle, nurturing experience that supports expectant mothers throughout the emotionally and physically challenging journey toward parenthood.

10 Benefits of Massage During Pregnancy

There are myriad benefits of massage therapy during pregnancy. Therapeutic massage enhances emotional, psychological and physiological well being.

  1. Relieves stress on weight-bearing joints
  2. Reduces fatigue and tension
  3. Supports healthy elimination and bowel function
  4. Stimulates the lymph system, improving immunity
  5. Flushes toxins and waste from the body
  6. Stabilizes hormone fluctuations
  7. Improves blood circulation, providing baby and mother with more oxygen
  8. Supports good posture, reducing back aches as baby grows and adds more weight to carry around.
  9. Boosts endorphin production, which facilitates restorative sleep
  10. Offers a safe, drug free alternative to pain management and stress relief to protect baby from unnecessary risks

Massage Supports Mom and Baby

Gestation is a physically demanding time in a woman's life. Every organ and internal system goes through changes to accommodate healthy fetal development. For example, pregnancy dramatically increases demand on the human circulatory system. Blood volume may surge up to 60 percent above normal, pre-pregnancy levels. As the uterus expands and pressure increases, blood flow toward the heart may diminish. Massage supports health venous return, increasing blood flow for both mother and baby.

Have you considered the benefits of prenatal massage? If you're excited about being pregnant, but not all the aches and pains, hormone swings  and general fatigue, call our office at 941-348-6632 to schedule a massage session.