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Upper Back Pain Treatment in Sarasota, FL

When you get into an auto accident or a situation occurs that causes pain in your upper back, you want to visit our chiropractor in Sarasota. In our clinic, we identify the cause of your pain and help your body heal. Whether you want to recover from a car crash or you need treatment for a muscle strain in Sarasota, FL, our chiropractor has the skills to help with your goals.

Woman with upper back pain getting chiropractic care.

Common Causes of Upper Back Pain

The reasons for your upper back pain depend on your situation. A car crash may cause a variety of injuries to your body. You may also notice pain from your work or lifestyle factors. By understanding the common reasons you may experience pain, you can address the underlying situation.

Common causes of back pain include:

  • A pinched nerve
  • A fractured vertebrae
  • Sprains and strains in the muscles
  • A herniated disc
  • Arthritis
  • Repetitive motions that cause injuries
  • An injury from an auto accident

In our clinic, we focus on addressing the cause of your pain. When you have upper back pain, you want to encourage your body to heal and recover. The key is identifying the reasons for your pain and then developing a custom plan to help with recovery.

Treatment from Our Chiropractor in Sarasota, FL

The treatments our chiropractor in Sarasota, FL recommends for your pain depends on your situation. Generally, we recommend a holistic plan of action to address the underlying pain.

We may use chiropractic adjustments to your neck and spine. The adjustments improve the alignment of your back and neck for proper function and health. We also use massage therapy to help with your pain. Since muscle pain from a strain or sprain may contribute to your pain, massage helps reduce your discomfort. We develop a custom plan based on your injuries and situation, so you heal from your injuries.

When to Work with a Professional

We recommend treatment when you get into a car crash or have pain in your upper back. If you notice chronic pain, then you want to work with a professional to address the underlying injuries.

In our clinic, we focus on healing your body with holistic treatments. We understand that you may have concerns about your pain. We help you address the pain by providing the right treatment strategy. Do not wait to seek treatment if you notice severe or chronic pain or if you get into an accident.

Get In Touch With Our Local Chiropractor Today

Injuries to your back and body impact your ability to engage in a healthy lifestyle. If you want to learn more about addressing pain in your upper back or to set up an appointment with our chiropractor, call (941) 348-6632 today.