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Work Injury

A Chiropractor in Sarasota, FL, Can Help Heal Your Work Injury

If you have received a work-related injury while performing your required duties, there are several steps you need to take. While one of your first steps should be to notify your employer, you must document the scene of the accident (photographs) and seek medical attention as soon as possible. Call Sarasota Chiropractic, Physical Therapy & Massage as soon as possible to let us know you need to be seen by our chiropractor. When it comes to work-related injuries, there are strict deadlines that must be met.


The Importance of Seeking Medical Attention Immediately

Seeking medical attention right away after a work or accident injury occurs is crucial. By receiving medical care, a doctor can document your injuries and provide verifiable proof that the injuries are a direct result of the accident. Also, if you wait too long to get treatment, you may run the risk that your work injury becoming worse. The faster you start to your treatment, the sooner your injuries will begin to heal properly.

Our Chiropractor Can Help You

Our chiropractor offers many different treatment options that can be used to both minimize your discomfort as well as stimulate the healing process. Since every person is different when it comes to how their body heals,  our team of professionals will create an individualized treatment plan to give what your body needs to heal. Some of the methods we may use are spinal adjustments, deep tissue massage, and physical therapy. To better aid you, we can help you get your Workers' Compensation claim filed in a timely manner. 

Visit Sarasota Chiropractic, Physical Therapy & Massage Today!

If you've received a work-related injury from an accident that occurred while you were performing your duties, your first call should be to Sarasota Chiropractic, Physical Therapy & Massage. Our staff has the tools and techniques that will get you back on feet in no time. We also understand what is needed in terms of paperwork  that is associated with work-related injuries. We can work with you to ensure that all of your deadlines are met and that you have everything you need while you are healing. Call our office today at 941-924-9892 and schedule an appointment so that we can get you back on the road to recovery and back to work.